Mythic key plus season 1, how to get one in WoW Dragonflight?

World of Warcraft dragonflight, to the nouvelle extension of Blizzard for the famous MMO is now available. You can venture into the new areas of Dragon Islands to mount your characters 70 level and face new challenges in the various dungeons of the extension.

The first season of WoW Dragon Flight is now available, you can now venture into the new raid Cave of the Incarnations, Discover 4 new Dragonflight dungeons and face powerful opponents in ranked PvP.


How to Get a Mythic Key in Dragonflight

There are several ways to get a mythic key in Dragonflight, the easiest being to complete a dungeon on mythic difficulty, then you will get a level 2 key. 

You can also perform a Mythic + dungeon with someone else's key, then you will have a level 2 key in the chest at the end of the dungeon.

The last way to obtain a mythical key will be through the Weekly Chest or Great Vault, you will then obtain either a level 2 mythical key if you have not completed a dungeon or a key two levels below the maximum key you reached in the last week.

To know the location of the Weekly Chest or Great Vault in Valdrakken. Also find all our Dungeons and Raid guides on CreamofGames.

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