WoW Creamy Muffin, how to turn into Turskarr in Dragonflight?

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Almost a month already since the new extension of World of Warcraft : Dragonflight went out. Players were able to discover all the new features, in particular the overhaul of professions and talents on the new continent of the Dragon Islands. Since the week of December 14, 2022, the famous Race to World first in full swing with an epic showdown between Liquid et Echo on the last raid boss Raszageth.

In addition to the so-called “HL” content with raids and mythic plus dungeons, Dragonflight brings a lot of new cosmetic and fun items for players who want to relax above all else. the Creamy Muffin (Bluberry Muffin in English) is one of those consumables that MMO subscribers love since it allows you to transform into a Tuskarr fisherman. 


How to get Smooth Muffins in WoW Dragonflight?

Le Creamy Muffin can be obtained in two different ways: 

  • By cooking it
  • By buying it at the Auction House

This is a cooking recipe that requires to be 35 in Dragon Island Cuisine. To find the recipe, you must go to Jinkutuk at the Azure span.

To craft it you need to collect the components following: 

  • Buttermilk
  • Basilisk Eggs x2
  • Boxes of pastries x3
  • Assortment of three cheeses

Moreover, the Creamy Muffin is one of the components of the Reverence of Gral cooking consumable, a traditional rohart feast that allows you to obtain bonuses " well fed with +76 primary stat for one hour.

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