Diamante Ticks in Free Fire

Diamante Ticks in Free Fire

La Diamond royale It is the site where we can get exclusive items, which allow us to participate to recharge certain diamonds through the different safe methods that Garena Free Fire has available to its players and get them for free.

Another option to turn the Diamond Royale is with diamond tickets, which you can get for free through temporary events or missions in the game. If you want to know more about the Diamond tickets in Free Fire We invite you to this article! Let's start immediately!

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Diamond Tickets in Free Fire

All about diamond tickets in free fire

By having the diamonds or the tickets, we can spin the wheel and have the opportunity to win incredible prizes such as: exclusive permanent outfits, emotes, Magic Cubes, discount codes, memory fragments, loot boxes, pet food and clothing.

Every time we make 3 turns, we are guaranteed to locate a strange item, but if we take the option of turn one times at the same time, they will give us an auxiliary spin, each spin will add up, giving us a higher percentage of luck and we will have more chances of winning the jackpot, which will always be a new exclusive suit, when we win it.

In addition, we can use the total weekly spins, which can be seen on the right side of the screen and by filling a certain number of spins, we will get a bonus prize, which we can claim simply by clicking on each and every box.

How to Achieve Diamond Tickets in Free Fire?

The tickets to achieve diamonds are called “Diamond Royale tickets” and are one of the items that can be achieved randomly when making rolls in such a section, primarily.

What are diamonds for in Free Fire?

Diamonds can be exchanged in the free fire shop for the next articles:

  • Elite passes to access exclusive content and rewards worth up to 10k diamonds.
  • Weapons, clothes, pets, parachutes, cars, avatars, legendary skins, backpacks and many more accessories.
  • Loot boxes with loot random.

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