What was the First Free Fire Elite Pass

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Is it interesting for you to know what was the first free fire elite pass? Since look no further! Since, in today's article, we are going to tell you everything about this first elite pass that Garena offered Free Fire. On the other hand, if you still don't know what an elite pass is, you will find this information in the article! Let us begin!

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What was the First Free Fire Elite Pass

What are the Elite Passes in Free Fire?

The pases elite de Free Fire they are essentially a system where you have to complete missions to earn medals with which you can get exclusive gifts from each season. On the other hand, the items that come out in the elite passes are exclusive items that will never come back, so the first passes have the strangest items in Free Fire history.

There is a way to know if you are a veteran or a rookie and it is through the number of elite passes you have. Currently, it is estimated that if you have certain 10 first passes you are a veteran, these first passes are: Sakura, Hip Hop, Destroying Madness, Royal Party, Treasure Island, Gamer Madness, Steampunk Revolution, Impetuous Clash, Bomb Squad and Legends of Anubis.

Keep in mind that every month Garena (developer of the game) releases a new elite pass which you can get on pre-sale and this is how you get an exclusive item from such a pass and 50 medals, you can get it on pre-sale for the amount of 1200 diamonds or you can wait for the official release for a cost of six hundred diamonds.

What was the First Free Fire Elite Pass

It is likely that a large part of the community that has recently joined Free Fire does not know much about the elite passes, and that is why many want to know which was the first free fire elite pass. Below we will tell you what that pass was and the date of its launch.

Sakura  It was the first elite pass that came to Free Fire, it was released on June 01, 2018. At that time many players did not acquire diamonds, so these skins are the strangest in the game. The launch was a disaster, very few people actually bought the pass as it was still a fairly new and confusing game at the time. 

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