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If you are one of the players who have no idea how to give things in free fire I recommend you stay with us. Well, we are going to teach you the simplest and most practical way of how to do it. Likewise, we will answer the most common questions about how to send a gift to a friend of Free Fire. Let us begin!

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How to Gift Things to a Friend in Free Fire

How to Gift Things to a Friend in Free Fire

Steps for send a gift to a friend in Free Fire easily:

  1. The first and most essential thing to do is open a free fire account.
  2. Then you must Add as Friend to the person you want to send the gift to.
  3. Now, you must enter the section Shop from the main menu.
  4. Then, you must go to the section of Shop Gifts.
  5. You select the article what do you want to send
  6. Once you choose it, you give the option to siguiente.
  7. You immediately choose or you enter the ID of the person who will receive the gift.
  8. And finally, you send it by clicking on the option that says BUT and that's it, your gift will be sent successfully.

Now, as you can see, send a gift in free fire It's nothing from the other planet. Although, we know that you still have some doubts about how to give things in Free Fire. For this reason, now we will answer in a clear and detailed way certain most common questions that you probably have.

How to send a gift to a friend from another area?

The answer to this question that many ask themselves is very simple and quick, it is not possible, it is mandatory and necessary that you are from exactly the same region to be friends and thus be able to send said gift.

However, the only way to send a gift to a friend who is in another area is creating an account another region and that way you can recharge diamonds and send him a gift.

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