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If you want to know about the free fire cat Get ready! Since, we are going to teach you everything related to this cat, the main thing you have to know is that free fire is one of the trending games in our days. In addition to this, each and every update includes more accessories, pets and characters in the inventory. That is why today we will talk to you about the first pet of this game.

Although it is true that in free fire pets are a huge accessory and some are really useful, since some have skills that can help us fight, currently there are pets one by one and each and every one is essential. pet that was included in Free Fire It was the cat. For that reason, we are going to instruct you all about thise cat and his skills.

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free fire cat

All about the free fire cat

If you want to know about free fire cat, read on! Well, we will tell you the whole story of this cat and his abilities. To start, it is called Kitty and it was the first pet included in the garena free fire platform, it became the most popular pet and many players wanted to have it, since it was something attractive in the game.

For certain expert players kitty is the ideal companion, since they prefer to play without help, this cute cat can be found in the store where It is worth two hundred and ninety-nine diamonds.. Although, in many events its cost tends to go down or up, due to the fact that certain accessories or emotes are added, you can get it and enjoy this tender company.

free fire cat skills

Currently, kitty is the most used pet by novice players and certain specialist players and despite not having any skills, it does not have any benefit for the player, only keeping him company and looking admirable. Although this cat only has certain emotes, many prefer her.

However, this cat is classified among the three pets that are not suitable for a player in free fire, since it is not advantageous and has no abilities that could be useful.

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