How to Achieve the New Free Fire Outfit

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Garena Free Fire It is one of the games that today gives something to talk about since in each and every update it surprises us more. Be it with the new weapon skins, its diversity of emotes, also its different pets, its accessories, and its striking and original outfits.

All of the previously said draws our attention, so if you find it interesting to know how to get the new outfit Free Fire Keep reading, since today we are going to teach you how to do it.

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How to Get the New Free Fire Outfit

How to Get the New Free Fire Outfit

For, get the new suit in free fire we are only going to have a period of two to thirty days. It should be remembered that many accessories and costumes in Free Fire are limited. He doesn't want to say that by achieving the new suit we won't have it forever, since by achieving it it will be permanent and you will be able to use it as many times as you want.

Where can I get the new Free Fire outfit?

We can only get it through luck royale. Keep in mind that you must use diamonds to be able to make the spins, the value per unit is sixty (sixty) diamonds, but it also gives us the option of spending six hundred (six hundred) diamonds for ten (one) spins plus one (one absolutely free). Remember that the more turns you accumulate, the greater your chances of being able to achieve the new Free Fire outfit.

What should I do to get the new Free Fire outfit?

Currently, the new Garena Free Fire update is going to be giving us the opportunity to be able to get new outfits. Whether in the gold Luck Royale, in the diamond Luck Royale, in the incubator, buying it in the store there is a huge diversity of costumes or in the redemption center, since it also has new costumes to offer you, you only have to decide which one you want and your luck will decide the rest.

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