How to Make Badges in Free Fire

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In this article we will explain what they are and how to make plates in free fire fast. So pay attention to the fact that this is interesting to you and a lot!

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earn fast free fire badges

What are the plates in free fire?

The free fire plates serve as identification and are to exchange guild prizes and personal rewards. To change, go to the Guild menu in Championships.

What days are plaques made in free fire?

Normally they are held every Wednesday, but you should be aware of the fact that there may be surprises.

How to make plates in free fire?

This is achieved every Wednesday, in the so-called Clan Tournaments, which consists of each clan player entering any mode and after the game, they receive the free fire plates.

How many plates do you get per game in free fire?

For each game they will get thirty-six plates, if the four members of the fireteam are from the same clan, so by hurrying and playing many games, they can achieve what they need so that everyone has their hall card.

How to win plates in free fire fast?

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