How to Put Infinite Walls in Free Fire Room

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If what you want to know is how to put infinite walls in free fire room, we have arranged for you a small content in which we are going to explain in detail the easiest way to do it. In this way, you won't have to worry and continue having fun with your friends. So let's get started!

Although it is true that in Garena Free Fire There are many game modes, whether it is a battle royale in which you must face forty-nine players, the squad vs. squad confrontation and others. On the other hand, we have the rooms that give us the option of being able to create a battle royale or a pvp in our own way.

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How to Put Infinite Walls in Free Fire Room

How to put infinite walls in free fire room?

The main objective of creating a room is to be able to compete with your friends or with other clans without anyone intervening, so to protect yourself from the opponent's damage you will need the gloo walls, that's why we would like to show you how to put infinite walls in free fire room.

Now, put infinite walls in rooms It is not complicated at all since you will not have to use other applications, nor have to download any mod and less use any kind of bug. In other words, you just have to create a room and for that you need to get a room card which you can buy in the store or earn in the clan.

How to put infinite walls in the room in free fire? - step by step

First of all, let us tell you that to create a room with infinite walls You must bear in mind that there are some options that you must deactivate and others that you must alter. Now, we will offer you the steps to follow in order to create a room with infinite walls correctly:

  • To start, in the lobby at the bottom right is the game mode section, which states create room.
  • Next, we choose the casual option and press the create room button.
  • Before creating it, a window will appear in which we must change the following options:
    • Room name: this alternative already depends on the name you want to give it.
    • Password: they will have to create an access key that only the people they want to know will know.
    • Mode: In the same way they decide the perfect game mode they want.
    • Rounds: those who wish to play.
    • HP: XNUMX is the default.
    • Unlimited ammunition: you must put the NO option, so you will have unlimited walls in the room.
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