MDIs and AWC Return to Dragonflight in 2023

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World of Warcraft dragonflight, to the nouvelle extension of Blizzard for the famous MMO as well as its first season, is available. You can venture into the new areas of Dragon Islands to mount your characters 70 level and face new challenges in the various dungeons of the extension. 

The last MDI et AWC date from July 2022 and Blizzard already tells us their return for the year 2023, you will know in this article how and where to register to participate, but also where to watch these competitions.


AWCs and MDIs back for 2023 on Dragonflight!

The official Twitter account of WarcraftEsports posted on December 19 at 19 p.m. a tweet announcing the return of these two competitions for the year 2023. With a price of more than US$300 to l'AWC and a total of 800 000 dollars for MDI, Blizzard goes all out to encourage you to try your luck! You will know in this article the start date of registrations and all the terms and conditions to know.

The Arena World Championship and Mythic Dungeon International are back for 2023 and ready to dive into all that Dragonflight has to offer!

⚔️AWC starts Jan. 18
?MDI starts Feb. 1
?Learn more & sign up today:

— WoW Esports (@WoWEsports) December 19, 2022

The Arena World Championship or AWC

L'AWK will be divided into two competitive seasons directly linked to the seasons of the game. At the end of each season, there will be a final with a prize of 300 000 $ as well as the chance to become world champion.

Each season will include a full competition. The top three teams per region advancing to the Grand Finals, while the teams from the 4ᵉ up to the 8ᵉ position will take part in the brand new challenge of l'AWC Gauntlet. L'AWC Gauntlet is a knockout tournament where the last team from each region will get the last places for the grand final.

From today you can register, on the European side, you will have to register on Gamesbattles. If you are on the North American side, then you will need to register in a different location.

By fighting, you will thus gain the new Great banner of Aspects in order to secure your place for the grand finale. Four open cups divided by region will be available, the teams will compete to earn points as well as a prize of US $ 20 per cut. At the end of all the cupsAWC Gauntlet the remaining four teams from each region will face off in the spring in the grand finals of the first season of dragonflight to win a total prize of 300 000 $

This competition will start on January 18 and you can follow it live on the channel Twitch et Youtube de World of Warcraft.

The Mythic Dungeon International or MDI 

After the great success of MDI, Blizzard decided to try the experiment again for the first season of Dragonflight. This competition consists of a season of speed-running dungeons where you will then have to exceed your limits in order to accomplish keys always more difficult and always faster. 

To obtain ? A total of US $ 800 throughout the year 2023 with at the end of each season, $300 guaranteed. To get them, you will have to register on GameBattles regardless of your country.

The first season of MDIs will take place on 1er February 2023 where the 24 best teams will compete to advance in the four groups (ABC and the loser bracket). In each group, 8 teams of 5 players will have to fight in order to win until $ 30 000.

The first two winning teams of each group will then be able to advance to the global finals where, in addition to the 300 US dollars, the title of World Champion MDI 2023 will be to play.

In addition to all the rewards listed above, 24 teams selected will also win a Thundering Banner of the Aspects or Banner of lightning aspects in French.

The Great Push 

Le Great Push worked well in 2022, Blizzard therefore decides to redo an edition for 2023 with 300 000 $ de cashprize total. For the time being, little information, but stay tuned!

To discover all the dungeons in which these participants will face each other, guides are available on CreamofGames.

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