Names for Free Fire with Spaces

In this new post we are going to talk about the names for free fire with spaces. If you are one of the players who wants to change the name in the game and you want to put the name in the game and you want a space between letters, then we invite you to read this new entry carefully in order to get it!

Change the names for Free Fire with spaces It is something easy and valid and you can do it for free or paying to do it. The codes, letters or symbols are the most used by users to change their name.

The frustrating and unfortunate thing is not being able to put a space for these letters or symbols. Here we are going to explain an adequate way of how to put the renamed invisible space and leave the small blank space in your nickname or Free Fire name. Let's start immediately!

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Names for Free Fire with Spaces

Names for Free Fire with Spaces

To start, this is one of the most requested topics in the Garena support center, instantly that users want change nickname and require a space, it is not possible to add it, since they go to the help center.

Before starting with the tips and effective ways to put a blank space in the names for free fire, you should know that you can use a Nickname and custom name generator, which you can use to create and alter unique nicknames in free fire.

How to put space to nick free fire?

So you can put a blank space in the names of free fire It is very simple and you only need to copy any of the next spaces. To get the white space, you must copy what is in the center of the parentheses.

  1. Long Name Space: (ㅤ)
  2. Small Nickname Space: (ᅠ)

In case you want a large space, copy the first code and if you want a smaller space you can copy the second space inside the parentheses.

It should be noted that the small space, only works for android device. Now, you just need to go to the option change nickname in free fire and put the space where you see fit.

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