NPC for depleting mythic+ keys in WoW Dragonflight, where is he in Valdrakken?

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dragonflight is the new and 9ᵉ extension of World of Warcraft, it takes place on the Dragon Islands where a new threat that we thought eliminated forever resurfaced!

Again Affixes, a brand new Raid, a season of Competitive PvP and the opening of mythical+. This is what awaits us at the opening of the first season of dragonflight !


Where is the PnJ to reduce the level of his Mythic key?

Since World of Warcraft 9.1, it is possible, without going back and forth by resetting the dungeon, to reduce the level of your Mythic key by talking to a character located in Oribos.

This character is now available and can be found next to portals in the capital city The valdrakken. East Dorm will allow you to lower the level of your mythic key and guide you through dungeons updated for the season mythical+ de Dragonflight, find the optimized routes for each of these dungeons on CreamofGames.

If you get lost in the capital, a guide with the location of all characters in Valdrakken is already available.

In order to know the Ilvl you will get from dungeons mythical+ as well as the new Raid of the first season of dragonflight : Vault of the incarnations. A guide is already available allowing you to equip yourself quickly and efficiently.

Accompanying the release of the new raid, the Class sets are coming, they will be available either by fighting in the Vault of Incarnations, or thanks to Catalyst Inspiration which will work the same way as the Catalyste of creation de Shadowlands.

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