Scarlet Damage Bundle Free Fire

The garena free fire platform, always and in all circumstances, manages to amaze us with each Skin or package that it offers us, either because of the colorful outfits or the originality and effects that each weapon skin has. Although one of the packages that most caught the attention of users was the crimson damage pack  Free Fire, for that reason we are going to talk about him.

First, you have to know that each weapon skin has its unique styles and effects, which is why many tried to get the crimson damage pack, since there was the possibility of getting one of the well-known combinations of clothes or one of its very attractive weapons.

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Scarlet Damage Pack Free Fire

Scarlet Damage Pack Free Fire

El scarlet damage pack in free fire could be obtained in the event "battle wish" which began on April XNUMX of the year two thousand and twenty-one, you had to spend a total of two diamonds per spin, to try your luck. Although, there was the possibility of being able to win the description skin, which contained a black and red outfit or the weapon skin.

In addition, you could get many more rewards, since there was the mask, the mouth cover, the visor, slippers and many other things. when getting the crimson damage pack, you could make very original combinations, the ones that made you look like a crack. However, the scarlet damage bundle does not offer a good experience when playing.

How to get scarlet damage lump nowadays in free fire?

El scarlet damage pack se you can get today in free fire, in the incubator, in the diamond luck royale and buying it from the store. Although, you have to know that you will get only one outfit, which is a visor, a black sweatshirt, a red flannel that has a side bag incorporated, a black jogger and the sneakers.

Previously, they held events where you could win the crimson damage pack, but garena free fire has not cited any today.

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