Building 21 DMZ Warzone 2, how to access it?

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Warzone 2 is now available with a brand new game mode, DMZ. Within this mode, you can explore many locations some of which are held by AI enemies.

Among the places of interest are the Building 21 which was just added with the mid-season 1 update. Some players are wondering how to access it and we will tell you where to find the key that gives access to this area which is currently unavailable.


How to find the key to access the Building 21 zone in the DMZ mode of Warzone 2?

If you want to access the Building 21 area, you will first need to obtain a key. The key which is actually an Access Card to Building 21 of the CRD can be obtained by various means which are the following:

  • In orange chests that are in the Fortresses
  • In support drops
  • By killing certain enemies formidable in the game

It should be noted that for the moment, Building 21 is not available and that Activision will not officially announce when it will be released since the publisher is waiting for players to find out for themselves. To learn more about obtaining the access card, you can consult the following video from SupR JoJo.

Finally, we remind you that the mid-season update of Warzone 2 is available from this Wednesday, December 14 and that you can now collect a new assault rifle, the Chimera et make your custom class.

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