Twitch Recap 2022, how to see its summary of the year?

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Like last year, it is possible to know many statistics related to your use of Twitch tv, how the channels you watched the most during the year, or the categories you preferred.

But, how to access his Twitch Recap of the year? Unlike Spotify, there is no site to go to to find this retrospective. the Twitch Recap is sent automatically by email, to all users of the platform. If you haven't received it yet, just wait! Not all emails are received at the same time.


Twitch Recap 2022, how to access it?

To be sure of accessing the 2022 Twitch Recap, it is sufficient to inspect regularly your emails ! Retrospectives have started to be sent to all users, but are not necessarily sent at the same time. It is therefore possible that your friends have received it, but you have not! There is no other way to access this annual recap. Please note that if you do not have still haven't received your Twitch Recap, make sure you have activated the option " Marketing in notifications as follows:

  • Go to Twitch in “ Parameters »
  • Tab " Notifications »
  • Choose " On Twitch » and check that « Marketing » is checked

We laughed (a lot). We gamed (even more). We copypasta’d (an acceptable amount).
Your 2022 Twitch Recap drops tomorrow.

Share everything you did together with #TwitchRecap.

— Twitch (@Twitch) December 12, 2022

Like last year, you will be able to find in this recap the channels you have watched the most, or the categories you have followed the most. You will also be able to find out the number of messages you have sent, or even the emotes you have used the most in 2022. So check your emails regularly to have access to this recap.

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