Xbox Game Pass: 8 games are leaving the catalog in December including Outer Wilds and Tropico 6!

Since its release, the Xbox Game Pass has been a hit! Indeed, for a few euros per month, you have access to a catalog of games that is simply enormous. We can say that it is via the Game Pass that Xbox and Microsoft have succeeded in relaunching the march forward. 

One of the keys to this catalog is that it is regularly updated. If this means that new games arrive, there are also some that leave the program. We therefore invite you to discover these 8 games which will no longer be available after December 31!


8 games are leaving Game Pass on December 31, including Outer Wilds and Tropico 6! 

Among this list of games that will leave Game Pass at the end of the year, there are some better known than others, including Outer Wilds. If you haven't already and you have the Game Pass, go for it! This is even more true if you are about to be on vacation for the end of the year celebrations. 

Outer Wilds launches you into space. You are stuck in a loop as a supernova is going to happen in a few minutes. When it's all over, you start the loop all over again. It is through exploration that you will be able to discover the secrets of the universe. A poignant and beautifully realized game which we strongly advise you to do before its disappearance from the Game Pass in a few days. 

Another big game that will leave the platform in a few days, c'est Tropico 6. In this crazy one, you will have to control a country as a dictator. A completely crazy game, but a real management game! 

On the program hours and hours of having to manage classic mechanics of the genre. But the added touch is of course the humor around your personality as a dictator that you will also have to manage. Tropico is a license that you have to test at least once in your life!

In addition to these two games, these are Embr, Gorogoa, Iron Harvest, Immortal Realms, Secret Neighbor et The Pedestrian qui quitteront le Game Pass console and PC on December 31 (apart from Iron Harvest which is simply leaving Game Pass PC).

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