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The Temple of Apollo is one of the areas you can visit in the Mysia region in Expeditions: Rome. There are side quests and secrets to find in this location, as well as a main quest needed to progress further in the campaign.

This Expeditions: Rome Temple of Apollo walkthrough will help you with the Divide and Conquer quest, how to deal with Theophilus, and the secrets you can discover in the Temple of Apollo.

Expeditions: Rome — Temple of Apollo Walkthrough

Before we focus on the Divide and Conquer main quest in this Expeditions: Rome location, let's talk about the other things you can find in the Temple of Apollo. There are several unique items and other side quests in this location.

Harp Unique Item Blueprint

* Be sure to grab the Sickle Blade material from a chest in the Pacification: Beach Village encounter. *

In the first area of ​​the Temple of Apollo, you can talk to a merchant named Boethus. He sells weighted blades and javelin heads for crafting purposes. Similarly, you can ask about the sickle blade you collected earlier. He will hand over Harpe's plan. This is a unique sword that allows attacks of opportunity to trigger twice.

Olympian Sidequest and Schematic: Caltrops

From this location, move to the west side and follow the stone steps. You will meet a lonely man named Pigres, and he has a problem with Syneros. We discuss more about your interactions and how to solve the later puzzles of this quest in our Olympian side quest guide.

Past this point, there are garden decorations on the wall with a chest containing the Caltrops blueprint.

Temple Fire Sidequest and Schematic: Water Jug

Further northwest is an area with a burning temple. Talk to the priest to start the Temple Fire side quest.

The objective here is to collect the water from the container, then throw the jug of water to put out the fires. Water will affect the initial hex and all adjacent hexes, so try to maximize cover. Once your characters have thrown what they are carrying, collect water until the side quest is complete.

The Priest will give you Blueprint: Water Jug so you can craft this Tactical. This will come in handy in battles where enemies like to use fire in an AoE, as you'll find out shortly. Additionally, you will get the achievement “Abundans Cautela Non Nocet”.

Bow of Eurytos Unique Item

Just before the burning temple, you should notice a ladder. Right next to it is a pickaxe. Take this to the opposite side of the area, the northeast, where you'll find a large temple and a cracked section of the floor.

Use the pickaxe to create an opening. Drop down and grab the Eurytos Arc unique weapon. This is an amazing item for the Sagittarius class sniper tree. This allows your archers to continue shooting enemies if interrupt is active as long as they get a kill.

How to complete Divide & Conquer: Dealing with Theophilus and Zenobia

Once everything is done, you can go to the northern part of the Temple of Apollo in Expeditions: Rome to meet Theophilus. The leader of this colony has no intention of siding with the Romans.

Go back to the exit, but before you get there, a woman named Zenobia will talk to you. It seems her slain husband was the rightful ruler of the Temple of Apollo, and she wants revenge.

The next step of the Divide and Conquer quest in Expeditions: Rome lets you choose from three options on how to deal with Theophilus:

  • Find a pressure point.
  • Look for Théophile's correspondence.
  • Look for poison.

Unfortunately, we are unsure of some of these steps. What we do know is that some NPCs tend to chat in the background. However, we didn't notice any additional triggers or new NPC responses after talking to Zenobia.

The only recourse we had was to watch two women talking north of Zenobia's position. They were the only two with noticeable behavior.

One of them, Eratha, admits that she is Théophile's lover. You can follow her as she heads to a secluded area with a statue. There you will be presented with dialog options.

If you picked the Pathos Rhetorical style at the start of the game, you might be able to convince her. Unfortunately, because we chose to go a different route, we decided to kill her in cold blood. She dropped the Medallion of Eratha, a unique talisman that replenishes maximum HP.

Return to Theophilus and present the Medallion of Eratha as proof of your action. He will fly into a rage, leading to a fight where he is supported by other guards.

At the start of the fight, Theophilus will throw Greek fire where your characters are. This is extremely deadly as fire can spread easily and your characters will suffer from burning and burning effects.

If you returned to Mysia just to craft a water jug, then you have a tactical item that can help you. Still, you can just rely on your wits and a bit of luck to prevail.

Pontus scout camp and deceive Mithradates VI

Once Theophilos is defeated, talk to Zenobia and she will inform you about the next step of the Divide and Conquer quest in Expeditions: Rome.

You will leave the Temple of Apollo to go to the Pontus Scout Camp which is located southeast of Mysia. There will be a fierce fight against dozens of soldiers and at the end you will find soldier uniforms which can be used as disguises.

The main character and Julia will then head to the Mithradates camp in Kyzikos. This will also be the first time a romance prompt for Julia will appear if you are playing as a male character.

The objective is to search Mithradates' tent for a contract. However, you can also open a chest containing Blueprint: Mithradate. When you're done here, return to the Temple of Apollo and talk to Zenobia. This will complete the Divide and Conquer quest in Expeditions: Rome.

And that completes our Temple of Apollo walkthrough for Expeditions: Rome. For more tips and tricks, as well as guides on companions, legions, and crafting, head over to our guides hub for Expeditions: Rome.

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