How much does the Plus cost in MeepCity

How much does the Plus cost in MeepCity

In the MeepCity game, we can get a PLUS membership, which is like a Gamepasses. The one that when we get it we are going to achieve a series of benefits, such as the coin multiplier, create a celebration, achieve the radio, etc. Keep reading and we will tell you what the cost of the plus is in MeepCity Roblox.

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How much does the plus cost in MeepCity

How much does the plus cost in MeepCity Roblox

If we want to get the PLUS membership in MeepCity, we must cancel the amount of 25 thousand (two,000,00) Coins. But the expense is well worth it because we will achieve countless benefits, and we will quickly recover the investment.

Being PLUS players we are going to enjoy a series of benefits in the MeepCity game, which we are going to mention:

  • By participating in the mini games of MeepCity, we will multiply the coins obtained.
  • We can acquire the party house and have a good celebration.
  • By getting the PLUS membership, we will be assigned a new bubble on the avatar's head.
  • If we adopt a pet, we can customize its color.
  • When it comes to remodeling our home, we will not have any limitations when purchasing exclusive furniture.
  • The next store items are unlocked: Butterfly Wings and Backpacks; from now on we can access them.
  • At the time of fishing, we are going to get countless coins.
  • We have the possibility to customize the chat bubbles with our preferred color.
  • The possibility of adding considerably more friends to our agenda without it collapsing.
  • We are going to get countless prizes by participating in the mini games as PLUS players.
  • We will get the ability to fly, since we are going to get the wings and other items that are locked in the game.

Lugar Plus and MeepCity

On some occasion in the map of MeepCity a place to socialize called PLUS was added. In which only players with membership would have access. But being a site that discriminated against other players, it never came into operation. Today it is where the MeepCity school goes.

Get Free MeepCity PLUS Membership

If you don't have enough coins to purchase PLUS membership, there are a few options to purchase it for free. One of these options are the so-called bugs that many players take advantage of to get certain benefits.

Some players go further and download third-party programs called scripts, which are not just rogue programs used to hack the game. This alternative is not recommended.

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