How to Make an Airplane in Build a Treasure Ship

You have already built your ship in Build a Ship for the Treasure of Roblox, now you can build an airplane by purchasing the bundle of blocks in the game store. This bundle has been free since November XNUMX, XNUMX. The como carries with it a series of blocks such as Jet Turbines, Pilots Seat, Glass, Canvas, etc.

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How to Make an Airplane in Build a Treasure Ship

How to make an airplane in Build A Treasure Ship Roblox

In the game store of Build a Ship for the Treasure, we can acquire the bundle of blocks to build an airplane at a cost of 4 thousand gold pieces. This bundle is considered one of the most expensive in the game store.

The airplane package was introduced in the Build a Ship for Treasure game in the year XNUMX-XNUMX-XNUMX, and the one that carries with it each and every one of the pieces needed to build an airplane:

  • Three jet turbines.
  • Seat for the driver of the airplane.
  • Fifty pieces of glass and canvas.
  • One hundred pieces of marble.

All these blocks, in addition to being the basic pieces to build an airplane, can also be used in the construction of our ship. We just have to properly attach each and every one of the pieces.

Next we are going to show point by point how to make an airplane with the package that we acquired in the game store.

  1. We have to go to a clear area in the construction zone to start the construction of the airplane.
  2. We are going to put a series of blocks to make the base of the airplane.
  3. The line of blocks is in the form of a triangle and at one of the ends we are going to make a square for the base of the lead.
  4. Let's add the rest of the package items, like the seats and the turbines.
  5. We continue adding blocks until we cover the series of blocks of the base in a circular shape.
  6. We can put extra accessories like a block of blue color so that it resembles the glass in the cabin of the airplane.

Other uses in order to make the airplane bundle on the ship

  • When installing the driver's seats on the ship, we are going to use the exact same controls as the airplane.
  • If you put the reaction turbines as wheels on the ship, the ship will spin uncontrollably until it flips over.
  • The turbines on the ship only have a duration of one minute and thirty seconds in order to run out of fuel.
  • With the driver's seats we can monitor the ship and its wheels.

The airplane bundle, which costs 4 gold pieces, is the third highest cost item in the Build A Ship For Treasure store.

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