How to be an Admin in MeepCity

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you are a fan of MeepCity en Roblox and you want to be a part of the developer team that manages this game. The main function of an administrator is to inspect the server to which he has been assigned, in order to keep the game map free of people who cause inconvenience to the rest of the players.

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How to be an Admin in MeepCity

How to be an Admin in MeepCity Roblox

If you want to be part of the MeepCity developer community, you must meet a series of requirements, in order for your request to be taken into account. When chosen, the Admin is given unique powers, in which he can activate unique commands to protect the server in his charge.

To identify an Admin on the game map, they are assigned a medal or badge that they must wear on their clothes, in order to know that they are an Admin.       

Requirements to be a MeepCity Admin

  • We must meet a series of requirements such as: Be of legal age (eighteen years old). Be resident in one of the countries where Roblox headquarters are located, the United States or China. Have knowledge of Advanced English. Have a degree from a university. Previous experience in the field of technology or computing.
  • We enter the official Roblox page, you can do it through this link, Click here.
  • In the tabs at the top of the page we are going to choose the Careers option.
  • A new page will open that has a search box, where we are going to put the keyword of the job we want.
  • The system redirects us to a new page, with different employment options.
  • We select the use according to our abilities.
  • Next, a form will be displayed which we must fill out with all the requested information.
  • When filling out the form, we proceed to send it attaching a copy of the university degree and courses taken.
  • Now we just have to wait for them to study our job application, and if they choose us, we will have unique abilities on the game map.
  • And we can also make use of a series of commands to put music in MeepCity, Fly in the game, expel problematic players and get the aura of infinite protection.
  • Some Admin commands are:
    • Command :f3x you can perform fixes to progress certain glitches in the game
    • Command :music the Admin can include music on the MeepCity map.
    • Command :music lets you remove music from MeepCity.
    • Command :s print can send chat messages to other players.
    • Command :ls print Lets you walk through local scripts.
    • Command :clear This command allows you to remove the scripts in MeepCity.
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