How to Be Tall in MeepCity

You want to alter your MeepCity avatar to distinguish yourself from the rest. In the game we have multiple customization options. With which we can change color and change our appearance by putting the different items from the store MeepCity en Roblox.

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How to Get Tall in MeepCity

How to be tall in MeepCity Roblox

Starting in the MeepCity game we can customize our avatar, in different ways, and completely change our appearance. In this new installment we are going to show you how to be tall in MeepCity. For this follow the next steps:

  1. When logging in to the MeepCity game, we must click on the avatar icon at the top of the screen.
  2. The editing section will open, which has 3 options: games, my toys and Edit Avatar.
  3. We are going to choose the avatar editing icon, the one that is identified with a shirt, a hat and pants.
  4. When choosing the avatar icon we will have 4 editing options: the accessories, the body, the animations and the outfit.
  5. We click on the body icon.
  6. Next we are going to visualize an alternative called “sets” and a figure, where we can choose some parts of the body of our avatar to edit.
  7. This time we are going to choose the right leg.
  8. A number of legs will unfold that we can choose to our liking.
  9. We navigate through the different types of legs until we find a large black leg with duck fingers.
  10. We perform exactly the same operation with the left leg; so our avatar is going to show a huge height.
  11. We go back in the menu and this time we are going to choose the torso icon for our avatar.
  12. A number of torsos will be displayed that we can choose to customize the avatar.
  13. We browse through the different types and we are going to choose the torso that is bare and shows muscular.
  14. We go back again, to the editing figure and choose the head icon.
  15. On this occasion we can select the head of the avatar to our liking, since it is indifferent and will not alter the size of our character at all.
  16. We return to the editing part and, this time, we are going to choose one of the two arms to alter them.
  17. We select the left arm and we will see all the enormous number of arm options that we have to customize the avatar.
  18. We will navigate through the different options and we will choose the arm that is consistent with the torso of our character, which is muscular and without clothes.
  19. We repeat exactly the same steps with the right arm so that our avatar is uniform. This way we will be able to be high in the MeepCity game.
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