How to Dress Up as Uke in MeepCity

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In this new installment we will guide you point by point to dress your avatar like the anime character Uke for MeepCity Roblox. In the game store we are going to locate a series of clothing for free that we can use to customize our avatar.

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How to Dress Up as Uke in MeepCity

How to dress up as Uke in MeepCity Roblox

In this new installment, we are going to guide you step by step to dress your character as one from the Uke manga series. This is a character from the animated series called anime.

Just follow the steps shown now to customize your avatar with Uke's clothes:

  1. When starting a session in MeepCity, we will click on the avatar icon in the menu that is located at the top of the screen.
  2. 3 options will be displayed: Game, My Toys, Avatar Editor. Let's choose the last Avatar Editor option.
  3. A new menu will be displayed, the one with 4 editing categories: Accessories, Body, Animations, Outfits. We will click on the Accessories category.
  4. A new menu is displayed with countless editing options.
  5. We are going to choose the hair icon, to speed up the search in the box identified with a magnifying glass we will write Blonde. Each and every one of the options of this hair color will be shown, where we will choose a short and full hair.
  6. Then we choose the hat section, where we are going to put Cat in the search box, and we are going to select the black hat with cat ears. In this section we are going to enter the Moon search box to add some moon animations to our avatar.
  7. In the shirt section we are going to enter the option of gloves and we are going to choose black ones that cover up to the elbow.
  8. Now we are going to click on the color palette that is under our avatar, to change the tones of the arms to white.
  9. Next we are going to click on the pants option and in the search box we add Black. In this way we are only going to visualize black pants. We choose the pants that include a black shirt and a bowtie of the same color.
  10. In the glasses and mustache box, we are going to place a small mustache for our Uke character. In this category we are going to choose black lenses with a thin frame.
  11. In the category of straps, we will click on the black apron.

In this way we are going to get the anime character Uke in MeepCity.

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