How to Fly in Blox Fruits

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How to fly in Blox Fruits? If you consume a light Blox fruit, you will have the possibility to fly at high speeds. When making the flight, you will consume a small amount of energy. If you don't have the V2 update, it will be possible to fly, but only in one direction in Blox Fruits from Roblox.

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How to Fly in Blox Fruits

How to fly in Blox Fruits

To have the ability to fly in Blox Fruits, it is only enough to consume the light fruit in the game.

The Blox fruit from Blox Fruits, is considered as an elemental fruit of the logia category. You can get it through the fruit seller Blox for a cost of six hundred fifty thousand Beli or eleven hundred Robux. Certain players have the possibility to acquire the fruit under some plant.

The Light Blox fruit, also known as the Light, has a one percent chance of being found in the fruit dealer's inventory. This fruit can also be achieved under fruit plants, but there is only a one percent chance.

Blox Fruits Light Fruit Characteristics

  • Provides maximum flight speed in Blox Fruits if you have maximum Hp.
  • Provides incredible speed to fly, according to the consumer's Hp
  • When flying, power consumption is greatly reduced
  • The Light Blox fruit's speed is uncontrollable and only goes in one direction.
  • Obtaining the upgraded version of the Light Blox Fruit gives you the ability to monitor flight using light.
  • If at the time of flying you hit a wall or wall, you will be able to bounce

Advantages of Light Blox Fruit

  • Grants enormous power and the chance to deal massive damage to opponents, even at a great distance
  • Produces notable AOE damage
  • It is ideal for grinding
  • It is ideal for PvP

Disadvantages of Light Blox Fruit

  • If it is in version V1, you will not be able to cause daze to enemies
  • In V1 it is necessary to have a very good aim
  • It only has two moves, Ken – Break
  • It is difficult to deal damage to opponents while in the air
  • The Hp level is at its minimum, the speed of the flight will be exaggeratedly slow

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