How to Get Exclusive Pets in Pet Simulator X

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Most Pet Simulator X players want to get rare or legendary pets as they have higher strength and speed when collecting coins or opening chests and boxes in the game. In the game we can achieve multiple pets of this genre, and if you continue reading you will know how to achieve exclusive pets in Pet Simulator X Roblox.

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How to Get Exclusive Pets in Pet Simulator X

How to get exclusive pets in Pet Simulator X Roblox

Next we are going to give you a series of tips on how to get a rare or legendary pet in the Pet Simulator X game. Each and every one of the players at the beginning of the game is assigned a pet for free, this Pet is considered low level as it does not have high speed and much less strength to open chests and crates in the game.

Steps to achieve a rare or legendary pet in Pet Simulator X

Put the mentioned tips into practice now and in this way you will get the exclusive Pet Simulator X pets.

  • A fairly efficient way to achieve an exclusive pet is by merging it. You just have to expand your pet inventory with the acquisition of eggs. At the beginning of the game, players can only acquire 3 pets, if you want to expand the capacity of your inventory you must acquire a Gamepass, to increase the capacity of pets that you can acquire.

Once you have enough pets in your inventory, we need to head to the Third Planet where the Fusion machine is located. Once we find the Fusion machine, we must place ourselves in the circle that is illuminated and we will choose the menu that is located at the top of the screen.

In the Fusion machine we are going to put each and every one of the high-ranking pets that we have and thus we are going to achieve a rare or legendary pet. The machine has the ability to fuse up to 12 pets in one go.

  • Another way to get an exclusive pet in the Pet Simulator X game is to keep an eye on the social networks of the game developer, since by this means it is customary to announce the new legendary pets of the game.

On one occasion it was announced the new Big Cat pet, the one that had to be purchased the giant-sized stuffed animal to get the unique code and exchange it in the Pet Simulator X store; and thus get the giant cat in the game. This was a fairly limited promotion where an exclusive set of players got their hands on this new pet.

These are the options that Pet Simulator X players have to achieve an exclusive pet.

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