How to Get the Jetpack in Build a Ship for Treasure

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The Jetpack was introduced to the Build a Ship for Treasure game with the June XNUMX update. The one that has the peculiarities of an adjustable block and we can equip it by selecting it with a click. Keep reading and we will show you how to achieve the Jetpack in Build A Ship For Treasure Roblox.

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How to Get the Jetpack in Build a Ship for Treasure

How to get the Jetpack in Build A Ship For Treasure Roblox

The Jetpack is a block that can be attached to the player's back, and its main feature is that it can lift the player to a remarkable height just by holding down the jump button.

To get the Jetpack we must go to the Build A Ship For The Treasure store, in this way we can get it; and once we have it in our inventory, we can equip ourselves with it by clicking on it.

Build A Ship For Treasure Jetpack Details

The Jetpack has outstanding peculiarities that we will now mention:

  • The Jetpack is two joined cylinders that give the impression of Garnet, and in each and every cylinder the wings of it are located.
  • The Build A Ship For Treasure game has a height limit of three hundred blocks; once the user reaches the maximum altitude, he will stop flying and begin to hover.
  • The sound of the Jetpack is the same as that emitted by the turbines of real airplanes.
  • Once we are equipped with the Jetpack and we are flying in the construction space, we do not have to worry since the oxidizer is infinite. On the other hand, if we fly out of this space, we will only have one minute of fuel in the Jetpack.
  • To ensure the level of fuel, we only have to contrast the green bars that are located on the back of the Jetpack; exactly the same will be reduced as we are making our flight.
  • Let's not worry about the weight of the Jetpack since it is ultra light and, as we make the flight, the weight will reduce due to gravity.
  • If on any occasion in the game we lose our lives, we will also lose the Jetpack, and if we want to recover it we must acquire it again in the Build a Ship for Treasure store.
  • Once we have the Jetpack on, the situation of our avatar will not matter, since the Jetpack will always face up, that will always be its initial direction.
  • The Jetpack will not be able to start flight if we have a hand cannon, previously we must remove this item from our game inventory.
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