How to Get the Sword of Build a Ship for Treasure

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The sword in Build A Ship For The Treasure of Roblox, has the characteristic of being a fairly thick black sword with certain small areas painted blue. To get the sword, we must first carry out a series of events and then end the Computer Boss life.

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How to Get the Build a Ship Sword for Treasure

How to get the sword of Build A Ship For The Treasure Roblox

The player who manages to achieve the sword in the game will get two hundred gold pieces. To get the sword in Build A Ship For Treasure, we just have to follow the steps indicated below:

  1. First we must go to the cubicle that is located at the back of the waterfall.
  2. Once we are at the back of the waterfall, we will need a code to enter the cubicle, the code can be obtained through the next page https://build-a-boat-for-treasure.fandom. com/wiki/Plushie_1; we only have to copy and paste in our preferred browser to enter the page.
  3. We must be very careful when entering the code because if we enter an incorrect one, multiple traps will be activated where we can lose our lives.
  4. By putting the code and entering the cubicle we will achieve a shelf with multiple books of different colors.
  5. We are going to press on the books in the following order: yellow, red, pink, cyan, light yellow, orange, dark green, black, lavender, and black. When pressing the books we must be careful, because if we do it incorrectly it will be blocked and we must leave and return after several minutes.
  6. Pressing the last book will activate a mechanism which will open a fissure in the cubicle floor.
  7. We go down the fissure and go to get another cubicle with a computer.
  8. In the computer we are going to enter the respective code that it asks us, in the form of blocks, the codes can be obtained in the link that we leave at the beginning of the article.
  9. Entering the requested codes will open the door on the right side of the cubicle.
  10. We are going to achieve a lever that we must activate to start the teleporter.
  11. Once the teleporter is active, we enter it, so that it takes us to where the Computer Boss is.
  12. We must defeat this boss and, once we finish him, we will receive the sword and the amount of two hundred gold.
  13. The boss will have the sword in his hand, which we can take without running any danger.

Once each and every one of the steps has been completed, we will achieve the sword in Build a Ship for the Treasure.

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