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You can assist a friend of MeepCity en Roblox giving you certain items to decorate your home such as furniture, a table, a telephone, etc. We can also give you a pet to take care of. In the game we have endless options of items that we can give to our friends.

How To Donate Things in MeepCity

How To Donate Things in MeepCity

You want to send a gift to a fellow player. Everything that is in the store can be purchased and sent to a fellow player. To send a gift you must follow the steps shown now.

  1. We log into the MeepCity game.
  2. Once on the main screen of the game, we are going to choose the inventory icon, which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Clicking on the button will display the inventory on the right side of the screen, the one named Attic.
  4. We are going to choose the Store section.
  5. A series of options will be displayed from which we can choose any item we want to send.
  6. All items have a cost depending on the size and use given to it.
  7. On this occasion we are going to give away a plasma TV.
  8. We click on the Entertainment option.
  9. A list will be displayed with all the plurality of articles that we can select.
  10. Two televisions with different value will appear, one of five hundred and fifty coins and the other of three hundred coins.
  11. We choose the TV depending on the amount of coins we have free.
  12. Once we choose the TV, we will click on the gift button.
  13. A list will be displayed with each and every one of the contacts we have in MeepCity.
  14. We choose who we are going to send the chosen gift to, a message will immediately appear to confirm or reject the transaction.
  15. The message includes the player's name to make sure everything is okay.
  16. Click on ok, the system sends us another notification, where it tells us that the operation was carried out successfully.
  17. Click on ok and return to the store, where we can select another gift or click on exit to return to the game.
  18. The player to whom the gift was sent will immediately receive it in their inventory.
  19. You only have to press the inventory button and the gift will be free in the items to remodel the house; You just have to choose it and place it in your preferred site and click on admit.
  20. The article will already be free in the home of the person who receives it.

To give gifts we only have to have free coins, since each and every one of the items, depending on their peculiarities, will have a cost.

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