How to Make a Celebration in MeepCity Roblox Without Plus

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In the MeepCity game you can get a membership, which is known as PLUS or game pass (Gamepass). By acquiring the PLUS membership, players will unlock countless benefits. Keep reading and we are going to show you how to make a celebration in MeepCity de Roblox no plus.

How to Make a Celebration in MeepCity Roblox Without Plus

How to make a celebration in MeepCity Roblox without plus

To hold a celebration in MeepCity it is necessary to get the PLUS membership, which will allow you to get different improvements and access to each and every one of the mini games. If you don't have the membership don't worry, as there is a hack to unlock all these benefits for free.

Installer Hack and MeepCity

Next, we will guide you step by step to install the Hack that will unlock all the advantages of MeepCity; and thus be able to celebrate with friends.

  • The first step is to get a Roblox Exploit or script runner. The recommended ones are: (Krnl, Synapse or JJSPloit).
  • Once we have the Exploit, we're going to activate it in conjunction with the MeepCity game.
  • Next we are going to copy and paste the TextScaled command into the script editor.
  • Once the command has been copied, we must press the execute button.

Players should be aware that Hacks may stop working due to some update in the MeepCity game. Consequently, they will have to install it again to achieve all the advantages again.

How to make a celebration in MeepCity

Once the PLUS membership has been achieved, through the Hack, we can proceed to hold a celebration in MeepCity, following the next steps:

  1. We must go to the furniture store that is on the outskirts of the square.
  2. Once in the store we can buy the party house.
  3. By acquiring the party house, we entered it.
  4. Click on the avatar icon that is located in the menu at the top of the screen.
  5. Of the 3 options that appear, we choose the games icon.
  6. Then click on the icon of public parties.
  7. The create celebration menu will appear, where we will choose the dance section.
  8. Then we click on the button to create a celebration.
  9. We have the option to select a category for our celebration (dance, social, games for video consoles, institute), where we will choose the category to our liking.
  10. The game will show you a notification, where it will ask you if you are sure to make a celebration.
  11. We have the option of YES or the option of REJECT.
  12. By clicking on the YES button, the system will automatically load the celebration.

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