How to progress in Blox Fruits

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The main idea of 鈥嬧婤lox Fruits is to finish off most of the opponents that the map gives you. In this way, you level up quickly and you will be able to get a good amount of Beli, the official currency of the game. Roblox. Keep reading! Here we will tell you how to progress in Blox Fruits.

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How to Progress in Blox Fruits

How to progress in Blox Fruits

Just like every single Blox Fruits player, you want to level up as fast as possible. Do you want to prosper in Blox Fruits? We are going to show you how to go from level zero to level seven hundred in the fastest and easiest way.

  • Ideally, you should achieve certain fruits from the Logia category. These fruits, when consumed, give you the ability to absorb any damage caused by opponents who are at a level below yours.
  • You must explore the entire Blox Fruits map and on each and every island you visit, set certain monsters. In this way, if you are killed, you will appear near the mission you were doing
  • To increase your level in Blox Fruits, you must go through each and every one of the islands on the map, since in each and every one you must carry out a unique challenge. Upon overcoming the assigned challenge, you must move on to the next island. Before moving on to the next one, you must verify that you have leveled up, so you will overcome the challenge in an easy way
  • When consuming a fruit of the Lodge category, they will not march with the heads of the islands, since they have unique powers.
  • You must continue the order of the islands on the map to carry out unique missions. You should not skip the order of the islands since that way you will not be able to complete the assigned mission
  • As soon as you have started the game, if you chose the sailor, you must locate the leader of the marines, who will assign you a mission. Once the mission has been assigned, you will face your low level opponents, that is, they will be easy to kill. You must carry out this action successively until you reach level one of Blox Fruits
  • When you're level thirty-five, you won't be able to finish off the final boss using swords. For this you must use Blox fruits to get the precise singular abilities to be able to finish with the boss
  • Upon reaching level ninety of Blox Fruits, it is best to avoid facing the Abominable Snowman Boss. You must wait to be at level one hundred and five to finish him
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