How to Put Clothes in MeepCity

How to Put Clothes in MeepCity

En MeepCity de Roblox there is a wide variety of options to customize the avatar to our liking. We can put objects in our hands, change faces and obviously clothes. This way we will stand out in the game and draw the attention of the rest of the participants.

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How to Put Clothes in MeepCity

How to put clothes in MeepCity Roblox

You want to customize your avatar by putting clothes on it to your liking, to do so you just have to follow the steps shown below:

  1. We are going to click on the avatar icon which is located at the top of the screen.
  2. 3 options will be displayed: games, my toys, edit avatar. Depending on the update you are using, you will see the 3 options.
  3. We are going to choose the option to edit avatar (the first one from right to left).
  4. Then click on the clothing section.
  5. The sub menu of each and every one of the free options to customize the avatar will open.
  6. To change the shirt we choose the shirts icon from the top menu of the screen.
  7. Each and every one of the shirt options will be shown to choose the one we like.
  8. Another option that we can customize is that of our face, through the icon identified with two points and an oval box.
  9. There is an icon where we can choose a complete suit which includes: hat, shirt and pants. (We can select the complete police suit, thief, nurse, doctor and a tiger).
  10. We can select an adapted hair style through the hair icon in the top bar menu.
  11. We can put glasses on our avatar to distinguish it from the rest of the players.
  12. In this option we can also achieve the beard for our avatar.
  13. Pressing the arrow on the menu bar we will achieve other editing alternatives.
  14. In the first place we will achieve the icon of the bowtie, through which the necklaces, scarves and bowties will be free.
  15. We can acquire a pet to complement our costume. The pet will be located on the right shoulder of the avatar.
  16. To the shirt we can add a medallion or brooch; in this alternative we will also achieve the vests.
  17. We have the icon to add a tail to the avatar.
  18. All the options described above are free of charge, which we can choose to our liking.
  19. Only the icon that is identified with wings, we are going to specify PLUS players. In this section we are going to achieve wings, backpacks, instruments and certain weapons that we can use in our avatar.

In this way we are going to customize our avatar with clothes from the MeepCity inventory. We can use each and every one of the options that are free.

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