How to Send Trade in Pet Simulator X

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En Pet Simulator X Roblox, players have the possibility of carrying out Trade, and thus obtain coins, diamonds and, on certain occasions, the pet of their choice. In this new installment we are going to show you point by point how to issue Trade in Pet Simulator X.

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How to Send Trade in Pet Simulator X

How to issue Trade in Pet Simulator X Roblox

One of the main features of the Pet Simulator X game is that players can trade with each other. Players can sell or exchange a pet for another that they have always wanted. Trading is one of the fastest ways to get coins, diamonds or some rare or legendary pet.

How to use the Trade system in Pet Simulator X, keep reading and we will explain it to you step by step.

Steps to Trade in Pet Simulator X

  1. We log in to the Pet Simulator X game.
  2. In the menu at the bottom of the game screen we are going to choose the Trade option, which is identified with the figure of a pet.
  3. Next we are going to press the commerce icon that is identified with two arrows.
  4. A new menu will be displayed, where the list of players that we can carry out the Trade will be shown. We must take into consideration that the players on the list are on the same server.
  5. We are going to choose the player with whom we want to trade.
  6. Then we click on the arrow on the right that is right next to the name of the chosen player.
  7. The Trade request will be sent to the chosen player immediately.
  8. It only remains to wait for the chosen player to admit or reject the trade request sent.
  9. If the other player rejects our request, we can choose another player from the list and start the Trade process.
  10. The player has the option to change the terms of the negotiation by making a counter offer.
  11. On the other hand, if the player accepts the trade request, a recessive clock will appear, during this period we can cancel the negotiation. If the clock reaches its end, the process will be given as triumphant and it will not be possible to cancel.
  12. Players can't sell their pets on the Trade as the system won't allow it.
  13. Pets that have been acquired in unique events such as the Big Cat case cannot be traded or sold in Pet Simulator X's Trade system.

As we can see, it is a simple and easy way to use the Pet Simulator X exchange system. And with which we can get coins and diamonds. It is also another way to get the pets we love so much.

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