How to Wear Wings in MeepCity Without Being Plus

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The vast majority of items to edit the avatar are free, which we can choose to our liking. Only one section is blocked and to access it we need to be PLUS. This section is for wings, backpacks and weapons. In the article we are going to show you how to put wings on MeepCity de Roblox without being plus.

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How to Put on Wings in MeepCity Without Being Plus

How to wear wings in MeepCity without being plus Roblox

Do you want to put wings on your avatar without acquiring membership and without being a PLUS player? There is a way to do it without needing to install hack or third-party programs.

Continue reading and we will show you step by step how to get the wings for free:

  1. We select the avatar section that is located in the upper bar of the screen, to enter the avatar editing sub menu.
  2. We are going to enter the editing menu in which we will see 4 options: Accessories, Body, Animations and Outfits.
  3. We are going to choose the Body section, the one that will allow us to alter our avatar.
  4. Next, a figure will appear in which we can click on a part of the body that we want to edit, and right next to it we will achieve a section identified with the group name.
  5. We click on Sets, to be able to see each and every one of the free options we have to customize the avatar.
  6. We navigate through the different options until we achieve a character with white wings and a sword. The one we are going to choose.
  7. We go back to the main menu, and choose the Accessories option.
  8.  In the top bar menu we are going to choose the Wings icon.
  9. Wings will automatically appear on the left side of the screen.
  10. We go back to the main menu, to choose the option of body, torso.
  11. We have to choose the option of the torso of our liking.
  12. In the figure to edit avatar, we click on the section of the right arm.
  13. Then we choose the arm in the form of blue balls.
  14. We repeat exactly the same choice with the left arm of the editing figure.
  15. Then we click on the head of the figure.
  16. Let's pick the head of our choice.
  17. We return to the accessories section and choose the hair to our liking.
  18. You can choose all the other accessories to customize the avatar to your liking (glasses, bandanas, weapons, beard or if you want a bowtie, etc.).

At the end of choosing each and every one of the customization items, we will have the wings on our avatar, this is a way to put wings on our character in an easy and free way, without acquiring the PLUS membership.

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