Katana Simulator Codes

Katana Simulator Codes

Katana Simulator It is one of the games in which you need more agility on the planet of Roblox, and in which competition is absolute. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to win, but also thousands and thousands of ways to lose if you are not a specialist. If you want to increase your possibilities, you have come to the right place.

In this article we are going to show you all Katana Simulator codes that are free to take the best advantage at the time of playing.

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All Katana Simulator Roblox Codes

What is Katana Simulator?

As you can already see in its name, it is a simulator in which you are going to be a professional katana. You must defeat the opponents, level up and unlock new swords to use. That is, it is a common role-playing game in which you must evolve your avatar to be the best in its cosmos.

As you win the battles you also get money, which you can use to acquire better katanas. Now, this requires a lot of time, and sometimes you even have to pay real money in the game. In order to make everything easier, we bring you certain tricks that you should not overlook.

New Katana Simulator Codes

The codes that we present to you now offer random rewards, that is, you don't know what you will win, but the truth is that you will get something:

  • 50
  • 56kThumbsUp
  • five thousand
  • 50kdouble
  • gong
  • space
  • 75k Thanks
  • thanksfor65k
  • SorryForLag
  • 50kthumbsup
  • nature
  • bruh
  • noggin

Katana Simulator old codes

These cheats have now expired, although there are some players who claim that they still work. You have nothing to lose by trying:

  • Coins Please
  • More Coins Please
  • Double

How to exchange codes in Katana Simulator

All you have to do is go to the Twitter button in the game itself. If you click on it, a window opens with a text box in which you must write the cheat you want to redeem. With this ready, press enter and you will have your reward ready to enjoy.

Finally, remember to respect upper and lower case letters, otherwise the code will not take effect.

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