Odin in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion, how to get Materia for summoning?

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Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion allows players to dive into the story before Final Fantasy VII, following the adventures of SOLDIER Zack on Playstation 4 and Playstation 5.

The game's battle system allows Zack to call upon Espers, powerful summons that will hit opposing troops hard. Here's how to get the Odin Materia, which will then allow you to unlock a new Transcendence.


Obtaining Odin, where to find the Materia?

To get Odin, you must have already completed the Main Story portion in Siege Midgar. You will then obtain new missions following this main quest.

Side mission to get Odin

Once the main quest in Midgar is complete, you must then complete a side mission to collect the Odin's Matter.

Go to a save point and launch the missions interface. You must have completed the previous missions before you can start the mission concerning Odin.

Start Mission 8-1-6: Mystery Materia

You will then have to reach the bottom of a cave and face a creature called Voracious.

This one has the Mega Ice attack, which you can dodge if necessary. She also has the Bite attack. So stay away!


Once you defeat the Ravenous, you will get 112 gil, 96 HP, plus Odin's Materia.

Odin is then added to the OCN and a new Transcendence technique is available: Zantetsuken.

You will be able to obtain the help of Esper Odin in your next fights.

Don't forget that Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion is available since December 13, 2022.

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