Outfits para MeepCity

You want to customize your avatar with outfits that are fashionable, so you can get the attention of other players in MeepCity Roblox. In the in-game store we are going to get a huge variety of clothing items that we can combine to get the unique outfit we want.

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Outfits para MeepCity

Outfits para MeepCity Roblox

You want to stand out from the rest of the players, and wear very elegant clothing or achieve the ideal combination to look like a character from your favorite anime series.

In the MeepCity store, we can get a huge variety of clothing and accessories that we can use with our avatar such as: (glasses, visors, belts, bags, scarves, ties, etc).

Follow the steps that we show you now to get the ideal Outfits for your avatar:

  1. We are going to click on the avatar icon that is at the top of the screen.
  2. Next, a menu will open with 3 editing options (Games, My Toys, Edit Avatar). We will click on the last option.
  3. A new menu will be displayed that contains 4 categories to edit our avatar. Let's choose the Accessories category.
  4. As we can see, a number of options will be displayed to achieve trending Outfits. We can choose one of the different sections of the menu that is at the top of the screen, in which we can get: Hair, hat, shirt, pants, alter our countenance through the smiling face icon, glasses and beard , belts, wallets and backpacks, ties.
  5. Just by clicking on any of them, a series of options will be displayed to dress our avatar.
  6. In the hair section we are going to choose long blue hair.
  7. To alter our countenance we are going to choose the smiling face icon, and we choose a happy countenance that is smiling.
  8. In the shirt section we are going to choose a bright red one that is long sleeved and has a bow tie included.
  9. Now we will click on the pants icon, to choose a black one with white dots.
  10. We have the option of putting dark glasses on our avatar, and adding mustaches if we want.
  11. In the area of ​​wings and items for the back we will need to be PLUS players, to unlock these accessories.
  12. We added a strap to our yellow avatar that is attractive.

In this way we can create an outfit to our liking, just by making the combinations we want we will achieve the ideal Outfits.

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