Rainbow Six Siege Cross play and Cross progression, how does it work?

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Rainbow Six : Siege is a shooting game where the player embodies different agents from several units and groups of interventions that constitute a team in 5 against 5 Like the other titles in the series, it has a strong focus on team play and "realism" speeches

Public chat Rainbow Six : Siege, you can play with your friends whether they're on console or PC, but you can also keep your progress whether you're playing on PC one day and on console another.


How does Cross-play and Cross progression work?

Le cross-play allows you to play with all players regardless of their support Playstation, Xbox, PC, Stadia ou Luna. You will also keep your progress regardless of your platform, as long as you are logged into your account, you keep your progress.

How do I activate Cross-Progression?

To use the cross-progression, it is absolutely necessary that your accounts are all associated with the same account Ubisoft. To link your accounts to your account Ubisoft, here's how:

  • Access the your account information
  • Scroll down the page until you get to the " Linked accounts 禄, then click on the logo of the platform you want to associate by following the instructions that appear on the screen.

You can unlink your accounts at any time.

How to play in Crossplay? 

First, you will need to check if the Cross-play is active, you will need to verify in-game by selecting the icon Options. 

If as in the picture it says " Cross-play active 禄 then you can already play with all players regardless of the medium on which they play.

To turn off the Cross-play, you will once again have to select the icon Options, go to the tab General, go in Matchmaking cross-play then change the setting to Disable.

There you go, you now know everything there is to know about Cross-play and Cross-progression

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