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Le 8 September de Teamfight Tactics is now here! We present to you our tier list of the best compositions as well as the guides that go with it. Obviously, these compositions are only particularly effective versions, they must be altered according to your part.

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Each composition presents the champions, their positioning as well as the optimal objects for the most important of them. The list is current at 19th December 2022 (patch 12.23 B).


With an ambitious vision about to Increase +1 Brawler, you can play 8 Brawlers. Your team is then very difficult to kill, leaving time for a backline carry to do its damage. In particular, you can play  Soraka in carry AP, with Jax in melee carry.

  • The Brawler Comp Guide with Soraka/Jax

With Hero Augments like those of Yuumi, de Gallium or Malphite, you can play the composition Reroll Mascotte. You can roll at levels 5 and 6 to spend most of your 3 star champions and have a very difficult frontline to fall. yummi is the default carry for this comp.

  • The Yuumi comp guide with Mascot / Super

The Star Guardians (Star Guardian) work great as standard AP comp. Taliyah inflicts a lot of area damage, while syndra can summon champions from your bench. You also get plenty of utility and a strong frontline with Janna et Echo.

  • Taliyah Comp Guide with Star Guardian

Samira is a very interesting carry to play with Mavericks (Sureshot), along with Aphelios. At the end of the game, you can remove Senna et sivir to enter more powerful legendary champions. Be especially careful to have a big frontline so that your two carries have time to express their DPS.

  • The guide to the Samira / Aphelios composition with Franc-tireur


Zoe is a great mid-game carry with the right items, especially the blue buff. Late game, it may still be relevant if you pass it 3 stars. You can also play The White in secondary carry with Hacker to send him directly into the opposing backline.

  • The guide to the composition Reroll Zoé / LeBlanc with Super-Ado

A rather unique composition of Set 8 is to play 2 Vel'Koz 2 stars. Since they target the enemy champion who inflicted the most damage, they can cast at the same time to one-shot the carry at the start of the fight.

  • The guide to the composition Double Vel'Koz

If you can go to level 8, or even 9, composition 4 As (Ace) is very powerful. You will have the physical DPS of Samira coupled to the zone burst of Miss Fortune and especially Mordekaiser, with an Wick solid in frontline. This composition is even better with a Ace emblem to be able to do without Draven.

  • The Samira/Mordekaiser comp guide with 4 Aces

Jax is an excellent carry with Wick : PRIME, allowing him to have a very good DPS. This comp is generally preferred if you can give a range bonus to Jax via Ultra-fast cannon, or an augment like Spectacled Weapons, to allow him to inflict his damage without being worried.

  • The Jax Compositing Guide with Mecha: PRIME

If you can rush to 9 level, the composition 3 Civilians + 4 Mascot is very powerful. Your team will then generate a lot of mana and HP, allowing Nunu et Aphelios to cut their opponents, while syndra will summon a lot of additional champions. This composition works well with the Hero Augment Zouuuu ! ( Zoomies!) of yummi, which allows Nunu to go very very fast.

  • Le guide de la compo Peeba Civil / Mascotte

viego is a very powerful champion if you play him along with a second carry. It works very well with Zed et 4 Aurochs (Ox Force). Ideally you want a aurochs emblem to put it on Zed and enter this even more powerful composition.

  • The guide to the Viego / Zed comp with Aurochs

The White can be a good vertical main carry spell caster (Spellslinger). You can roll at level 8 to pass 3 stars, and play a champion like Taliyah in secondary carry. This composition is very strong with a Spellcaster Emblem to play 6.

  • LeBlanc / Taliyah Comp Guide with Spellcaster

Zed can be very powerful with Hacker which allows him to go straight into the opposing backline and clear carries in seconds. The composition around it is quite flexible, but it is often interesting to play it in conjunction with a second carry like Aurelion Sol.

  • The Guide to Zed/Aurelion Sol Comp with Hacker

Ashe et renekton can be played in 3 stars with Super if you find a lot of them early in the game, or if you have a Hero Augment on one of the two. You should then slow roll at level 5 to pass them 3 stars, then level up and enter legendary champions.

  • The Comp Guide Ashe and Renekton Reroll with Super

If you can get your hands on one Augment +1 Section Anima (Anima Squad) or on a Spatula, the vertical composition Section Anima is very strong. You can slow roll at level 5 to Nasus et Sylas 3 stars, then at level 7 for Riven 3 stars, Vayne et Miss Fortune. The latter is your main late-game carry.

  • The guide to the Reroll Section Anima composition with Miss Fortune and Riven

Soraka can deal a lot of area magic damage if she has a good trait Programme (ADMIN). She also gives a lot of power to her team with the trait Support (Heart). Moreover, this composition is even more effective with a Emblem Support.

  • The Soraka comp guide with Program / Support


The composition Set Mecha : PRIME is quite flexible: you mainly want a big Sept. with the perfect items (Thirst for blood and double Will of the Titan), and any secondary carry behind it. It can beUrgot, D 'Aphelios...

  • The Guide to Sett Comp with Mecha: PRIME

Camille 3 stars can be extremely dangerous, especially with one of its Hero Augment. You want slow roll at level 6 to play it, and there are two possible versions: the one with Renegade et viego, or another with 4 programs (ADMIN) et Super if you are not challenged. In both cases, play 2 Hackers to send him into the backline is very interesting.

  • The Reroll Camille composition guide with Program

Kai'Sa et Vayne are two carries that work well together, since the first inflicts magic damage with AP items, and the other pure physical damage with AD items. You can slow roll at level 7 to pass them 3 stars, which also allows you to play Riven et Nilah a frontline.

  • The Guide to Kai'Sa/Vayne Comp with Pathfinder

Bel'Veth isn't necessarily the absolute best main carry, but it can be played in combination with another DPS if you have a lot of physical damage items. Nunu can for example work well with, since both enjoy fights that last for a long time.

  • The guide to the Bel'Veth / Nunu comp with Menace

The composition Fiora / Yasuo is very interesting if you have a Hero Augment on one of the two champions. You can slow roll at level 6 with Super to make as many champions as possible 3 stars. It may also be relevant to play Hacker to send Fiora ou Yasuo in the opposing backline.

  • The Reroll Fiora/Yasuo Comp Guide with Duelist/Super

Heel is a very good champion to pass 3 stars if you have a lot of them at the start of the game or if you have one of its two Hero Augment. You can slow roll at level 5 to pass it 3 stars with sylas. At the end of the game, viego is a very good secondary carry that complements very well Heel.

  • The Reroll Talon/Viego comp guide with Aurochs/Renegade


Ezreal 3 stars can be an interesting carry, especially if you have his Hero Augment Rising Spell Force. You can play it with Super with a strategy of slow roll at level 6. This allows you to play Gangster (Underground) long enough to cash in on a big reward at the end of the game.

  • The Reroll Ezreal/Vayne comp guide with Super

Draven can be played as main carry in Wick : PRIME. You want slow roll at level 6 to pass it 3 stars, and he is obviously even more powerful with one of his Hero Augments. For it to generate a lot of mana and have good ultimate angles, it is interesting to play it in frontline opposite the opposing pack.

  • The Reroll Draven Comp Guide with Mecha: PRIME

Kayle et Gangplank are two carries that work pretty well vertically Duelist. You can slow roll at level 5 to pass them 3 stars. If you are not challenged, you can also play them with Super.

  • The Guide to Kayle/Gangplank Comp with Duelist

With Hero Always Rising More (Stacks on Stacks), Nasus gains AD each time he casts his spell. You can then turn it into a very dangerous carry, which gains in power as the game progresses. You want slow roll at level 5 to pass it 3 stars, and you can play it with Super and Sections Anima (Anima Squad).

  • The Reroll Nasus comp guide with Section Anima

L'Augment Cyclone allows fate to Wukong to hit a huge area. If you pass it 3 stars and you make it your Wick : PRIME, he can suppress the opposing frontline in seconds, while being extremely tanky. Later in the game, you can play a plethora of secondary carries.

  • The Reroll Wukong Comp Guide with Mecha: PRIME

All different (Built Different) is very powerful on Set 8, because it is possible to play excellent combinations of champions at 4 and 5 Range without entering synergies. Please note, however: Threat (Threat) does not work with All different.

With Alert level: Maximum (Threat Level: High), you Threats (Threat) gain VP for each Threat in your build. So you can play the 8 Threats, with champions like Bel'Veth, Aurelion Sol, Urgot, fiddlesticks ou Vel'Koz into potential carries.

sylas can be a big threat with theRegicide Augment (Kingslayer), which significantly increases the damage of his spell. you can slow roll at level 5 with Heel, the latter being an excellent secondary carry. At last, all you have to do is add Sections Anima (Anima Squad) or individually strong units.

  • The Reroll Sylas and Talon comp guide with Section Anima

You can play Lulu carry with the Hero Augment Growth Spurt (Growth Spurt), or at the limit with its other Augment Accelerated growth (Foster growth). You want slow roll at level 5 to do it 3 stars, then play as many champions as possible Support (Heart).

  • The Reroll Lulu comp guide with Support

Illuminating Anomaly (Illuminating Singularity) permet au sort de Luxury to inflict huge damage every other time, you can then play it in carry 3 stars with spell casters (Spellslinger).

  • The Reroll Lux comp guide with Star Guardian

With one of his two Hero Augments, cosmic barrier (Cosmic Barrier) but above all Void Energy (Energy Void), Cho'Gath can inflict very respectable damage. Give him items that boost his magic resistance, some champions Aegis (Aegis), and pass the 3 stars, and he can carry your fights at the end of the game.

L'Spiked Shell Augment (Spiked Shell) de Rammus allows him to reflect a lot of damage, and you will be surprised to see him often being the top damage of the fight. If you are equipping it with armor and playing Défenseurs alongside him, he can be extremely dangerous in the mid and late game.

With Enthusiasm! (Get Excited!), Jinx can be played as main carry. Be careful all the same, because it risks weakening at the end of the game, so it will be in your interest to switch it to 3 stars fast enough to secure a top 4.

  • The Guide to Jinx Comp with Super/Anima Section
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