Tusmo of December 12, 2022, what is the solution of the day?

A new game is currently very present on Twitter: it is about An index, a kind of Motus in line with a new word to discover every day, identical for all players. Another version of this game exists and it is called Sutom !

Each of these words begins with an imposed letter, and clues are given to each trial according to the letters used. Despite all this, some words can still be difficult to find, and we help you by giving you the answer of the day.


What is the word of December 12, 2022 on Tusmo?

Just like the Sutom, these are six trials in all which will allow you to guess the new word every day. The first letter is given to you to help you, which gives you a first clue to start. Once you have used your first try, the game will use a color code to give you additional clues : a red letter is correct and well placed, a yellow letter is correct but misplaced and a blue letter is not in the word of the day. With all these elements, you should be able to guess the word of the day without too much difficulty! If not, below is the currently guessing one:

- This Monday, December 12, the word of the day on Sutom is: METROPOLIS -

We remind you in passing that if you are playing Tusmo for the first time, there are a few rules to know:

  • You only have six tries to guess the word
  • Each proposal must begin with the imposed letter, and be in French
  • Letters red are well placed, letters yellows are present, but misplaced, letters Without color are not not in the word to guess

See you every day on Tusmo to guess a new word and on CreamofGames to find the solution! You can then share your result of the day on Twitter.

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