What is Hellfire Torch Blox Fruits for?

What is Hellfire Torch Blox Fruits for?

If you want to get the Hellfire Torch from Blox Fruits, you need to kill the boss NPC of the raid known as the Cursed Captain. This one is located in the Cursed Ship, and you can only do it at night. His percentage of appearing in the game is quite low. Read on, we want to show you what he serves Hellfire Torch Blox Fruits for. Roblox.

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What is Hellfire Torch Blox Fruits for?

What is Blox Fruits Hellfire Torch for?

As you already know, you find this torch after killing the NPC boss of the Cursed Captain raid. Where to find it? In the Cursed Ship, under the darkness of the night.

If the NPC boss Cursed Captain appears, the game will notify you immediately with a red message; a shiver runs down your spine. By facing the NPC and defeating him, you will get the Hellfire Torch.

Hellfire Torch was introduced to Blox Fruits with update number one. It is used to get certain six free races in Blox Fruits, particularly the Ghoul race.

To change the current race for the Ghoul race, you must have free one hundred Ectoplasm and obviously the Hellfire Torch. This is one of the free rare breeds in Blox Fruits. If you deliver the Torch to the boss NPC Experimic, you won't need to get it again.

Cursed Captain NPC

The appearance of the boss NPC Cursed Captain in the Blox Fruits map, it will only last fifty-five minutes to be liquidated. When you manage to liquidate him, he will drop an Ectoplasm, ideal for investing in the cursed ship's store. This NPC is going to make his first appearance in the first level of the Cursed Ship, in the middle room. There you will be able to visualize two chairs and a table. This ship is located very close to the cemetery.

To face the Cursed Captain, you must have a lot of skill in hand-to-hand combat. Since the Captain will use the Midnight Blade and the X move which have a value of one hundred Ectoplasm. This means that you must face him once and kill him each and every time.

If you wish to face the Cursed Captain once, you must collect Ectoplasm from other boss NPCs on the Cursed Ship. In this way you will get the midnight sword to face him and finish him off once.

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