What is the true value of the games offered by PS Plus in 2022?

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For several years, to access the online services of PlayStation, there is no choice, you have to pay! For this a subscription has been created, the PS Plus and in return for the amount you pay each month, you have some advantages. 

One of these advantages is that games are offered to you. These games, as long as you have an active PS Plus subscription, you can play them as if you own them. But knowing the price of this subscription, is it really profitable? This is what we will see for 2022.


What is the value of the games offered by PS Plus in 2022? 

Before seeing how profitable this subscription is, it is worth seeing how much it costs. If you take the Essential formula which is the cheapest and you take a 1 year subscription, you will have to pay 60€ each year. 

Note that if you want to lower this cost, there is currently a promotion. This same subscription PS Plus Essential for the year then goes to 30€ ! Be careful though, because there are only a few hours left to enjoy it. 

For this investment of 60€, we were entitled this year to $499.93 of free games according to Gamerant (source). Generally, for games, we can assume that $1 = €1 on the store. So that's a nice added value. 

If we look more closely at the detail by month, we realize that December was the most generous with a value displayed in store of $67,97. It must be said that we have the right to very heavy with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant et Divine Knockout

Conversely, the least profitable month of the year was October. This month, the value of the games offered was only $22.97. For this month, we had the right to less popular or more aging games like Hot Wheels Unleashed, Injustice 2 or Superhot. There you go, you now know more about the profitability of this PS Plus!

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