Each and every Build a Ship Chest for Treasure

In the game Build a Ship for the Treasure of Roblox We are going to achieve 5 genres of chests that are classified into: common chest, uncommon chest, strange chest, epic chest and the legendary chest. The chests give the player blocks that will be used to build their ship.

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All Chests in Build a Ship for Treasure

All Build a Ship chests for Roblox Treasure

In the Build a Ship for Treasure game, there are 5 chests that are classified according to their strangeness. Each chest has blocks inside that are used to build the ship. The chests can be achieved in the store where each chest has a value depending on its strangeness classification.

Sorting chests in Build a Ship for Treasure

  • Common Chest: the chests that are classified as common are the ones with the lowest store value. Since they can be purchased for only 5 gold pieces and they have wooden blocks inside. This is the ideal chest for novice players.
  • Uncommon Chest: this chest is worth 15 gold pieces in the Build a Treasure Ship shop. They are considered the cheapest chests after the common chest. Inside the chest we will get blocks of better material for the construction of the ship.
  • Rare Vault: the rare chest has a cost of 45 gold pieces, they are classified as the intermediate cost chests after the rare chests. By acquiring the strange chest we are going to get any of these construction materials: cannons, banners, marble or metal. This is the chest of choice for advanced players in the Build a Ship for Treasure game.
  • Epic Vault: Epic-rated chests cost 35 23 gold pieces in the Build a Treasure Ship shop. Due to its cost, it is considered one of the most expensive chests in the game. By getting an epic chest we can get blocks with a higher strength, metal or marble score. By acquiring this chest the player will automatically get XNUMX titanium blocks or concrete blocks.
  • Legendary Chest: the legendary chest can be purchased from the Build a Ship for Treasure shop for four hundred 5 gold pieces. It is considered the highest value chest in the game. Legendary chests are ranked as the best chests in the game as players can get Harpoons, Titanium or Obsidian. Although for its cost it is quite difficult to acquire them.
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