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En My Cafe we will find a recipe book of cakes and pies, the one that is in one of the advanced lines of the small part of the cafeteria that our business has. Having very complex recipes and countless ingredients, it is necessary to have them for exclusive service clients that leave incredible profits for our business in the simulator. For this reason, in this article we are going to explain a medium/advanced recipe for the classification of cakes and tarts, the homemade bun. 

In order to have this reputable recipe we must have unlocked level thirty-four in our enterprise, which is not going to be an easy task, we must dedicate enough time to the game, stay actively connected and that each and every one of the administrative accounts are to a good margin to be able to have the cake and tart recipe book, which is going to be a huge challenge that our cafeteria will accept. 

Homemade Scone My Café

Make homemade scone at My Café

The homemade scone features ingredients such as sweet scone, chocolate chips, marshmallows, vanilla syrup, and cream. Most of them require a good investment in the game, there are still users who enter real money to advance faster than other players and to be able to acquire this kind of cookbook.

The homemade scones are cakes that we can increase at a significant cost and the clients of the service will continue to buy them because they are truly incredible. Some people also make homemade buns in routine life with raisin filling and decorating dried fruits, which are ideal for breakfast or snack time. 

Each of the recipes developed in My Cafe They have an incredible utility in our routine life, we can use them even in real businesses, you will probably amaze your customers with the service. This genre of recipes is held in direct competition with the different genres of cupcakes. Join My café and learn a little more about most of the recipe books.

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