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My Cafe is a game that has a diverse number of desserts that can recreate each and every one of the service customers of your business, a restaurant simulator that is quite focused on a part of the cafeteria, it has the best sweets to be able to Develop them in your business. This time, we will assist you in making the winter berries.

Winter berries are an ice cream that appears on the dessert list of the My Cafe, has five ingredients, but the benefit is that it can be unlocked from level two, a level that is partially easy to reach as long as we manage our restaurant really well.

The ingredients that the winter berries have are strawberry ice cream, meringues, raspberry cake, berries and grated coconut as part of the decoration. It is put "winter berries” due to the fact that the ice cream contains all kinds of fruits of the forest, which are extremely essential and healthy for any customer of the service, in addition to this that they look like truly incredible and complex aesthetic details of the recipe. 

Winter Berries My café

Recipes with winter berries My Café

Ice creams are one of the first recipes that we began to generate in our venture at My cafĂ©, since we unlock them from level eight and they are ingredients at the beginning they are easily accessible, there are still some ice creams that can be made with only two ingredients . 

Berries are normally strawberries that cannot be missing from anyone's diet, as a general rule they are accompanied with milk or yogurt and are easily digested due to their small proportions. They are one of the best companions for sweets to give them a fresh and healthy touch. Most of the recipes developed in My Cafe they have benefits for anyone and we can apply them at home. 

Join this amazing cafe and restaurant simulator and discover more recipes that could be useful for you and your family. 

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