How to Achieve Haki in Blox Fruits

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Find out how to achieve haki in Blox Fruit, a perk that helps your character development. By getting haki in Blox Fruits, you will become stronger, however you must work hard to stay in the game of Roblox.

Two of the free haki are Observation called Ken and Enhancement called Buso. Observation Haki gives you the ability to evade damage and Enhancement Haki increases your character's strength and defense each time it is upgraded.

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How to Get Haki in Blox Fruits

How to achieve haki in Blox Fruits

Each of the Blox Fruits haki is found in different ways.

Observation Haki

This one is called Ken, and it lets you dodge hits, thus avoiding any damage. To achieve this haki, you must reach level three hundred in the game and have killed the saber specialist. Then you need to go to the second area of 鈥嬧媡he upper courtyard. You must find the NPC of the Lord of Destruction and give him seven hundred and fifty Beli, and voila, you will have unlocked the haki Ken. In the third sea, you can upgrade it to the top mode V2.

Enhancement Haki

Referred to as Buso, the haki each player starts with. This haki covers more areas of the body as you level up. Start with the arms, before the torso, the head and then face each of the legs.

How to train Haki in Blox Fruits

You can train your haki the same way you train each of your skills in the game. As these haki are designed for combat, you must attack with your primary melee weapons and thus you will increase the power of your Buso haki.

To train your Haki Ken you only have to dodge damage until the moment it levels up through stages, up to stage seven. to climb to stage eight you must have V2 equipment.

Leveling up each haki is very simple, as much as using them, only by combining certain fruits you will be able to achieve unique ways to train them faster. You can check on each and every server how to train Blox Fruits haki, to see if anyone has ideas on how to do it. New ways of doing it are continually being found and the best part is that they are considerably more interesting.

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