How to achieve the LGBT flag on Hay Day

There Day is a game created in two thousand and twelve by the developer company super cell, a company that was created in XNUMX in order to create games for strategy video consoles and that in its history has created great games as they are today Clash Royale, Clash of Clans o Brawl Stars. This game is one of the most popular of the company and one of the most played, with millions of users worldwide who play and enjoy this exciting game every day.

This game consists of a farm simulator, in which you must run your farm from scratch, having to complete certain tasks, missions, requests for other players or pre-established characters for the game, which will help you to continuously improve the game and adapt in a better way exactly the same, but today we are going to talk to you about how to get the LGBT flag on There Day.

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How to Get the LGBT Flag on Hay Day

How to Get the LGBT Flag on Hay Day

En There Day there is something called decorations, in this specific case we are going to talk about the LGBT or rainbow flag decoration, as other players also use to call it, and that is seen continuously since the moment it was added more or less in the year two thousand and twenty . In order for you to be better informed, we are going to talk to you about the events in which you could perceive this LGBT flag.

Because this decoration it is not common to acquire it, so you must learn to achieve it in global events that do not occur as often as daily ones, carrying out activities such as fishing, making or taking orders, assisting neighbors, giving objects and among many other things with the only in order to get more rewards.

Get LGBT flag in special events

this flag it is common to observe it in events of pride or pride and it has no cost due to the fact that it is a reward that you get for continuously working hard in these events, as well as you will be able to get power-ups, objects, other decorations and other food and improvement benefits on your farm. You will be able to put the flag wherever you want, but the idea is that it be in a place where it can have a lot of visibility.

After knowing a little more not only about the LGBT flag (or rainbow flag) we could appreciate that this kind of decorations are a bit complex to achieve, adding the fact that they cannot be exchanged or otherwise, be sold and/or bought by a player in There Day,.

We hope that our guide on how to achieve the LGBT flag on Hay Day. If you liked this article, remember that we have many other Hay Day guides and about many other games on our website that you can check at any time.

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