How to Activate a Boost on Hay Day

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There Day It is a very entertaining game where we can build our farm And not only that, we can also manage and improve it to the point of having the best farm in Hay Day. It is a very popular game that now has more than one hundred million players all over the world who enjoy the adventures it offers every day There Day.

In this game we will perform different actions such as cultivate, harvest, raise animals, fish, build and much more, with the aim of having a productive farm and thus be able to advance in the different levels of the game. The enhancers They are elements that will allow us to speed up the internal processes of the game that we have mentioned as the construction, harvest and that kind of thing, If you want to know how to activate a booster in There Day keep reading this note where we will explain it to you.

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How to Activate a Booster on Hay Day

How to Activate a Booster on Hay Day

The enhancers go with some acceleration cards that provide support to the players to carry out the different tasks that are carried out in the game reducing waiting time for each activityHowever, it is essential that you know that power-ups will be free from farm level thirty-five. There are multiple two of boosters that you should know and they are these:

  1. Stored Boosters: There is a limit of three boosters (active boosters) per farm or account, and if you want to save more boosters than allowed, you will have to pay an amount of diamonds in return, the positive of this is that you will be able to save each and every one of the power-ups that you want, but only for a limited time. After using the boosters you will have to return to pay the auxiliary space to save them.
  2. Active boosters: They are the enhancers that you will be able to use directly in the game simply by clicking on them. You will be able activate more than one booster by paying a sum of diamonds (such as an additional or auxiliary active booster) to speed up even more the processes that you want to advance and it is only possible to activate one free booster per season, any other will have to be paid.

If you have already filled your inventory of buffs and have the three active boosters and the 3 stored boosters you will have to delete one, use it or simply leave it for later. If you get more buffs and the inventory is full, those buffs they will not appear in your inventory and consequently, they will not exist.

It is of the utmost importance to use as many power-ups as possible over the course of the season as it will make each and every one of the processes faster and for this reason we will be able to get better benefits and advance faster in the game.

This is all we can tell you about how to activate a booster on Hay Day. If this article worked for you, remember that we have many other Free Hay Day guides for you on our website.

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