How to change Farm Name in Hay Day

How to change Farm Name in Hay Day

There Day is a mobile game founded in the year two thousand and twelve that is well known throughout the world in which you will have the opportunity to manage a farm with different functions related to cultivation, raising, fishing and constructions to thrive on the planet of Hay day, you will also be able to chat with friends and build or make a part of neighborhoods that will let you learn more about the game and have fun to the limit in There Day

In the game you will be able to meet different farms, make new friends and visit neighbors and neighborhoods that will allow you to prosper in this multiplayer game, for this reason you will have to have a name to distinguish your farm, because each farm and neighborhood must have a name own self. If you put a name that you no longer like, don't worry, here we are going to tell you everything about how to change farm name in There Day.

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How to change the Farm Name in Hay Day

How to change the Farm Name in Hay Day

En There Day having a good name for the farm is essential because it will be the way in which our friends and the rest of the players will distinguish us from the rest, and as we previously mentioned, you will probably not be satisfied with the name you put in the beginning, In such a case, all you have to do to changing the farm name on Hay Day is:

Go to settings or menu configurations and then click on the button that says “farm name”there you will be able put a new name and finally click on "confirm". Many players confuse change farm name on Hay Day y change hay day username, but this is absolutely different since to change the username a more extensive process is carried out that we are going to comment on in another article.

Best Hay Day Farm Names

If you have not chosen a good name for your farm, do not worry, here we will recommend the best names for your farm for which we have chosen 5 interesting and attractive names just for you:

  • the wild flower
  • Golden dream
  • Nice view
  • my plot
  • Field Fruits

Now that you know what the difference is between change the username by Hayday y how to change farm name in hay day You can continue playing without any inconvenience, since it will be really simple to do so if you follow the steps that we share with you in this guide. Remember to save your progress by connecting with the different options to continue having fun discovering new levels, farms, neighborhoods, friends, tasks, characters and occasions to advance in exactly the same.

We hope that this guide on how to change farm name in hay day has worked for you and remember that you can check any of our guides of There Day that we have prepared uniquely for you. We hope that you liked this guide and many others about the triumphant game of Hay Day

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