How to change the Neighborhood Name on Hay Day

There Day is a well-known mobile game with more than ten years on the market and currently has more than 100 million users worldwide, which positions it as one of the most played games today. In There Day We will have to direct each and every one of the duties and tasks of a farm, just as if it were real, so with this simulator we will be able to have fun with many missions, events and new seasons that will bring surprises to the game.

En There Day Neighborhoods are fundamental and have an essential role in the game, in addition to this, they give you the possibility to compete in different events, assist each other, advance in level and many other things. This is why it is essential to know the name of our neighborhood; when we are not satisfied with this name we will ask ourselves: How to change the neighborhood name in Hay Day? Well, here we bring you different solutions.

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How to change the Neighborhood Name on Hay Day

How to change the Neighborhood Name on Hay Day

As we have told you, the neighborhoods are an essential part of this game that cannot go unnoticed, since it will depend on it that you can participate in other events, such as receiving help from neighbors and also assisting them, however, we are sorry to tell you that it is not possible to change the name of the neighborhood in Hay Day once it is created. Now, there are two things you can do to change the name of your neighborhood or the leader's neighborhood:

  1. Own Neighborhood: When creating your neighborhood you will be asked to choose a name for the neighborhood, so you should think about the name really well before making it known to the entire gaming community in There Day, Ya que then it will not be possible to change it under any circumstances, unless you reveal your data or some word of your neighborhood name is prohibited for the game in general.
  2. Leader's Neighborhood (join a neighborhood): If you joined a neighborhood, the theme is different, since only the person who is neighborhood leader will be able to change the name in the case of showing specific data of the author or using offensive words for any other player, that is, only the leader or author will be able to do so.

Unfortunately so far Hay Day does not allow changes for the name of the neighborhoods or for the neighborhood of your leader, so the recommendation is that you think a lot before choosing what the name for your neighborhood is going to be. It is essential to take into consideration the previous indications that we have mentioned to be able to choose a great name that is to your liking and that in turn is accepted by your community and There Day.

This is what you need to know about how to change neighborhood name in hay day whether it's your neighborhood or someone else's. Remember that you will be able to ask and visit our website to see each and every one of the hay day guides you need to be a specialist in this game.

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