How to have Plus Free in MeepCity

How to have Plus Free in MeepCity

Being a PLUS player in MeepCity, we will receive some benefits such as changing the tone of our pet, organizing parties or getting any kind of wings in the store. MeepCity. The PLUS to summarize is an improvement that we must pay for it. But don't worry, in this new installment we are going to show you how to get free bonus in MeepCity Roblox.

How to Get Plus for Free in MeepCity Roblox

How to get free plus in MeepCity game

By getting the PLUS membership, we will get a series of benefits that we mention below:

  • All the coins that we win in the mini games will be multiplied by one with five.
  • We will have the option to organize parties.
  • We have the option to change the color of our pet.
  • We can purchase any number of accessories for our home.
  • We have access to the wings and backpacks to customize our avatar.

To be PLUS players we must invest the amount of 25 thousand coins. This time we are going to take advantage of a bug in the game to get the PLUS membership for free. A bug is a glitch in the MeepCity game.

  1. Click on the avatar icon at the top of the screen.
  2. We choose the Avatar Editor icon.
  3. Next we click on Accessories, and we are going to select an accessory by type for our avatar. We do this process about 3 times. In each and every process we remove the accessories and add new ones.
  4. After carrying out this procedure we will go to the main menu, to return to the game.
  5. We go immediately to the institute, depending on the connection to the network it will take a few minutes.
  6. Once in the MeepCity school, we are going to enter the avatar editor, and we choose the accessories option.
  7. We are going to repeat exactly the same step that we did previously, we choose an accessory from each section of the menu: hat, hair, shirt, pants, etc. We repeat this process about 3 times, remove the accessories and add new ones.
  8. When we finish putting on the accessories, we will leave the school and head to the party house. In the options menu we choose any type of celebration.
  9. Upon entering the celebration we must go to the avatar editors to change our appearance; we immediately left the game when making the change.
  10. We log in again in MeepCity, and as we can see we are PLUS players, and we are going to get all the advantages of membership.

Players should take into consideration that the bug may stop working when the developers introduce a new update to the game. But it is not superfluous to test if the bug is still active.

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