How to Make a Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

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In the Build a Ship for Treasure game in Roblox, the ships are the primary attraction, since everything revolves around them. In Build a Ship for the Treasure we must build a durable ship that can withstand any enemy attack and reach the end of the game to win the treasure.

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How to Make a Ship in Build a Ship for Treasure

How to make a ship in Build a Ship for Roblox Treasure

If you have no idea how to make a ship in Build a Ship for Treasure, in the article we will guide you so that you can make a durable ship and you can achieve the final treasure.

  1. Fortunately, ships can be built with any type of block.
  2. We have to place a clear area in the construction zone to be able to start the construction of our ship.
  3. At the base of the ship we must use the blocks with the highest number of strength and endurance.
  4. For the base we are going to put a series of blocks until we fill a rectangle. The one we are going to fill with blocks.
  5. On the side walls of the ship we are going to use exactly the same blocks as the base.
  6. The side walls we can use two lines of blocks to avoid making it very high.
  7. At one end of the rectangle we are going to put a kind of triangle to make the ship a little more attractive.
  8. And from the other end of the rectangle, we will create the base of the ship which is going to be the main room.
  9. The preceding step is essential since, if the ship sinks or capsizes, we will avoid killing ourselves.
  10. In the construction of the ship we must use only precise blocks, since if we put too many blocks it will not be advantageous for us.
  11. If we have the possibilities, we can buy a Multiblock in the store, in this way we will have a safer ship.
  12. Placing the blocks evenly we are going to build a lasting ship in its aspects.
  13. If we do not have many blocks, we can join a player to build our ship.
  14. If you want you can activate the perfect isolation mode to prevent our ship from colliding with that of other players.
  15. If you are in the middle of construction and need to log out, you can save your progress in the save slot for free. We will have 3 free save slots.
  16. When starting session again we can access our ship by clicking on the respective slot.

In this way we are going to build a durable ship with which we can advance to the end of the game, where we will dock at the sandbank and achieve the treasure of Build a Ship for Treasure.

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